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Weight Loss with Onion Water

Being able to lose weight has become the biggest problem of many people. Unfortunately, there is not that much way left for to people try. However, it is quite easy to weaken with natural foods.

With natural cures made from foods, you can lose weight without causing any health problems. Only people with chronic diseases, people with blood pressure disorders, people with heart diseases and similar diseases should lose weight by using these cures under the control of their doctors.

With natural curing, with onion juice which is a very nice drink you will be able to run your metabolism faster and that will help you to digest the nutrients you have consumed easily from your body at the same time will attract a lot of other positive effects. We searched on the topic of weight loss and diet with onion juice to the finest detail. We will share these with you in the following text.

Preparing Onion Water Treatment

Necessary materials

*Onion (4 pcs)
* Water (2.5 Liters)

*Firstly, before cutting off the onions that we’ve washed with a knife, we should hit it with our hands or with an object. The reason we do not cut it with a knife is to destroy the minerals it contains.
*We put the onions in a pot, and we should choose a pressure cooker.
*After adding the water, we wait for 8 to 10 minutes to cooling down after boiling.
*We end up drinking all of this water between meals for a whole day.

How is Diet made with Onion Water?

You should consume the onion water every day as described above. You should never skip your other food while doing this. Otherwise your body may be sluggish. In addition to this, you have wait 20 days before use this cure program after used for 20 days. During the time, your body will be rested.

Benefits of Onion Water Cure

*When used regularly,with the enzymes contained in it will help you to removing fats from your body by fragmentation way.
*Your digestive system and metabolism will work quickly.
*Thanks to the antioxidant in it, it will help you to get rid off toxins from the body.

Weight Loss With Onion Juice Soup Recipe

You can also consume the soup of onion juice as you consume the onion water soup. It is possible to lose weight with onion water soup.
Onion Water Soup Recipe

Materials to Use

* Onion (5-6 pieces)
* Spices according to your preference
* Lean meat juice
* Two favorite seasonal vegetables (half a kilo for each one of them)

We cook all the ingredients we have written above like making a vegetable dish. But we do not use any oil.

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