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Loss Weight With Purple Potatoes

Purple Potato is one of the world’s most preferred formulas in diet formulas used and there is a revolution in diet.

Despite being named potato,  purple sweet potato found in the family of potatoes is a key element for world’s longest living nation Okinawa. We can say that the purple sweet potato found in the Convolvulaceae family has a distinct place with its color and health benefits. Purple sweet potato contains anthocyanin pigment which is effective antioxidant content. This pigment is the same pigment as raspberry, blackberry, cherry, black carrot, blueberry, red grape, beet, red radish and cabbage. Blueberries are known to have effective antioxidant content, while purple sweet potatoes have 150% more antioxidant content. The high antioxidant content of the purple sweet potato prevents cell senescence, pauses the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, reduces blood fats and helps to provide a protective effect against cancer.

How Should Purple Sweet Potatoes be Kept?

Anthocyanin component of sweet purple potato which is beneficial for health, can suffer significant loss during storage, processing (cooking, peeling, cutting, etc.) and cooking, to best benefit from this nutrition, let’s explain the storage conditions as follows:

Keep at a normal refrigerator temperature. Do not leave it to boil for a long time, do not cook it with frying shape. Cook it with little water or steam it and do not pour the cooking water. After you have washed it clean, cook it without pare. If you are going to make a meal which you have to remove the peel, do it just before the cooking process and chop with at least a knife stroke in the form of large cubes.

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