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10 Recommendations to Stay In Shape On Vacations!

Resting for all of us expresses different meanings. Resting means working for some of us or it means lengthen against to sun on the beach, maybe being alone with nature or means stretching the feets at home… Sometimes reservations are set up just before the end of the month to be able to just relax, if the car is going to be taken care of the car, the suitcases are difficult to close, everything is carefully selected and finally the way out. Maybe we’re right. Because we want to ‘’get away’’ from crowded city life when traffic, work stress and tiredness of the whole year added to this. We want to reborn, forget all the noisy life of the city… Our subject in this article is eating properly and staying shape on vacations. If you are asking how, there are 10 tips to keep in mind when staying on vacation.

Prefer foods with high fiber content instead of fatty foods.

You should get up before everyone else in the morning and take walks on the beach.

Take care not to bring foods in the hotel room.

When you are eating, you should prefer smaller plates and do not fill your plate.

You should stop by the hotel’s gym or walk outdoors and do light-fast jogging.

You should spend plenty of time by swimming, prefer the sea instead of the pool if possible.

Do not neglect to drink water. Remember to drink at least 2-3 liters of water, especially in hot weather.

Do not skip snacks and you should not exaggerate the main meals.

You should try to use stairs instead of hotel elevator.

Instead of acid drinks, try to consume fresh fruit juices.

Have a nice vacation!

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