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The Only Secret You Need to Know to Stay in Shape!

Yes, it’s an ambitious title, is not it? People who fed healthy loves healthy food. Thi is the secret. But let’s look at the subject in more detail.

According to a article published in the Psychology & Marketing Journal, people who eat healthy foods have come to love these foods. Theese people aint thinking like ‘I can not eat what I love right now’, ‘how sad’, they enjoy what they eat.

Kelly Haws of Vanderbilt University says, “Concentrating what you have and what you will do is always the right strategy.” For example, a diet that includes something like “Never eat chocolate” is never right. Because people feel bad when they do not fulfill this substance and this time they eat the food because they feel bad.

In the study conducted with 200 subjects, those who think they avoided their favorite foods and those who think that they are eating healthy are divided into two. There was sixteen snacks in front of each one. As a result, those who think they are eating healthy choosed healthy snacks while the other group have the least healthy ones.

So when you plan your diet program in your head that on your way to form, it is a mistake to think that from now on I will not eat the foods I like. Because it’s a better way to go by thinking healthy eating is good for you and your health and these foods are good for you.

Remember: The important thing is not calories of the foods or how ‘harmful’ or ‘beneficial’ they’re, but that you love them and you go for quality nutrition, not counting calories.

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