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How Should We Feed Before Sport?

Feeding right before sport directly affects sports performance. Meals that should be eaten before at least 3-4 hours before the sport,  helps to be more energetic and active while sport. Eating nothing before sports causes muscle weakness and low performance.

Here are pre-sports nutrition tips;

it will be more appropriate to choose low-fat complex carbohydrates instead of simple carbohydrates before training. Foods with high glycemic levels should not be consumed prior to activities such as running and walking, which are particularly helpful for fat burning.

Heavy meals should be consumed at least 4 hours before the sport, and 1 hour before the sport, it will be more healthy to consume  carbonhydrats with maximum of 200-300 calories. It is advisable to take pre-treatment carbohydrates, but instead of taking gulose based carbohydrates, lean toast made from natural grain bread and ayran (drink made of yoghurt and water) may be suitable choices.

Consuming high fat foods will steal your energy during digestion and significantly reduces your performance. Snacks such as potato chips, candy, sweet and pie should be avoided.

Caffeine taken in excessive amounts before sports is not recommended because it will leave the body dehydrated. Less than 1 hour before the sport, drinking coffee or tea is beneficial in terms of giving energy.

One of the most beneficial nutrients recommended before training is oatmeal consumed with probiotic yogurt or lactose-free milk. This menu with quality nutritional value is also useful for giving you energy.

A handful of almonds and strawberry yogurt before sports also provide healthy protein and nutritional supplements. In addition, fibrous protein bars consumed half an hour before the sport are also useful for energy delivery. Consuming ananas slices with dredging cinnamon on it will suppress your feelings of hunger and balance your blood sugar, helping you get a healthy sports session.

Drinking water during exercise is also very important. Consuming 200-250 ml of water every 15 minutes is beneficial for restoring muscles and replenishing lost water.

One of the foods that gives energy before the sport is banana. One banana consumed before exercise creates a satisfying and performance-enhancing effect on the body.

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