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Lose Weight With Cinnamon Milk

What do you say to take advantage of milk to get rid of excess kilos and especially to melt belly fat? Moreover, it is possible to lose 4 kilos in a month with drinking milk by adding cinnamon. The work that was done revealed a miraculous benefit of the milk. By drinking 2 glasses of milk a day, you can get rid of your excess kilos and fats! Especially consumption of milk with cinnamon or cinnamon shells enhances the effect of the milk.

2 cups of milk a day for belly fat

From the day we are born, milk is one of the most basic foodstuffs. Milk one of the most valuable source that contains enough doses of protein, fat and carbohydrate for your body needs. Moreover, the human body uses milk protein better. Nearly 87% of the milk comes from the water. Milk, besides its known benefits has been proven in terms of “aesthetics” which its new benefit discovered.

Attention to three balances in weight loss

There is a balance of weight loss. This equilibrium is good carbohydrate metabolism, adequate body protein intake and adequate calcium intake. When you look at all these three equilibria are present in the milk. However, in daily life, wrong food preferences, high carbohydrate consume or eating outdoors alot causes blood sugar can suddenly fall and rise. These sudden fluctuations during the day also affect the body’s insulin, so after a certain period of time, it leads to weight gain, fatness in the stomach and arms. Until today, it was necessary to eat vegetables to lose weight in society. It was even thought that this was the only rule. However, the nutritional forms in which the protein is missing make it difficult to lose weight, and can lead to problems such as muscle loss and vitamin-mineral losses later on. For this reason, protein must be kept in our daily nutrition. Calcium has an effect which getting rid of the fat. Especially it helps to get rid of fat from the intestines.

It starts to show its effect in a month, but how?

If there is no problem in metabolism, two glasses of milk a day will lose 2-4 kilos of fat when you drink regularly for one month. If there is a problem in metabolism, this loss may be less, but it will make you lose weight anyways. Metabolic disorder in women, causes fatness especially at belly section which called ‘simit(bagel)’ and thickening at arms. Reasons to theese problems are hormonal problems and genetics as well as some impairment of the insulin balance, which directly affects blood glucose. Milk consumption does not increase blood sugar very quickly also does not drop too fast. So it gives a nice balance. It begins to melt the belly section slowly. So it could be a miracle drink for us.

Consume milk with cinnamon or cinnamon shell

It increases the effect of milk if you consume it with cinnamon or cinnamon shells. The use of cinnamon, keeps the balance especially between starvation and satiety, 3 grams of cinnamon, equivalent to 1 cinnamon shell. Drinking cinnamon milk is extremely beneficial as it corresponds to a tea spoon per day. Because our society has lactose intolerance, people go to the point of completely removing the milk from their lives on the grounds that they “made gas”. However, lactose-free milk should be preferred for those with gas problems. In the meantime, milk must be kept at room temperature for a while after leaving the cooler, otherwise it can cause gas problem.

Who should pay attention to milk drinking?

* People with gas and swelling problems.
* People with reflux problems.
* The bodies that can not digest the lactose(lactose intolerance)( lactose-free milks are available).
* People with stone problems in their kidneys and biles.
* People whose protein intake is restricted.

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