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Dr. Mehmet Oz Diet Program

Thanks to this great diet list prepared by Dr. Mehmet Öz, with that diet it is possible to weaken in a healthy way. Expert Dr. Mehmet Oz states that the cause of many illnesses is fatness and obesity. Dr. prepared this important diet program for their patients which struggling with weight and many people lose weight rapidly and easy with that diet list.

Diet lists should be prepared specifically for the individual. However, people of all ages can apply the prepared diet. This diet is mainly based on the consumption of vegetables and fruits. With this diet you can lose between 3 and 5 kilos when you apply orderly in a week. Besides, ease and convenient foods for digestive system have been chosen.

Diet program is prepared for you and to be applied for 1 week. It is recommended to consume plenty of water during this diet. Water is an indispensable ingredient in the diet and it is strongly recommended to drink at least 2 liters per day.



1 slice of wholemal bread and one sweet-spoon of strawberry jam.
1 fruit with 1 or 2 cucumber.
Definitely you should not delay theese advices. Breakfast should be done before 9 am. The sooner you will have breakfast, the better your diet will be for you.


1 slice of brown bread,
Boiled meat,
1 bowl of yoghurt
You can consume a cup of coffee or tea after about 15 minutes of eating lunch. You should definitely avoid adding sugar. Drinking your tea or coffee without sugar will make digestion even easier.


1 slice of toast,
1 bowl of soup,
Big bowl of low-fat salad,
1 glass of ayran(drink made of yoghurt and water).

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