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Ways Contribute to Gain Kilos in a Month

By following the recommendations of dietitians, you will gain weight quickly and healthily, you will get the physique you want.

Recommendations that you must follow are easy and contains knowledge to gain weight rapidly for yourself.

Your Meal Amount Should Be High.

Those who want to lose weight reduce the amount of meals.

If you want to lose weight, definitely do not skip meals, especially your breakfasts should contain like cheddar cheese, honey, butter which has high amount of calorie.

At your snacks eat foods which you like and contains high amount of calories to get weight, with that in a small time you’ll gain weight. You can find the calorie ruler at the end of the article which contains foods with amount of calories.

Acquire a Calorie Notebook.

Print out a list of high-calorie foods and have this list is always on your side(We will share this list with you below).

From this list, prepare the main and snack meals of your favorite foods.

So be a kind of dietitian of your own :). Gaining weight is incredibly easy and enjoyable compared to giving, while there are many overweight women deprived of various kinds of food, see yourself lucky.

Move Less.

We get our energy from the food so we can move.

Thanks to the food, our bodies are fueled for the work that needs to be done daily.

So the food is the fuel of the body.

When we take high calories and move little, these calories can not be burned and stored as fat in the body.

People who want to lose weight, to get the kilo they desire, should consume high-calorie foods and stay away from jobs which requires high performance.

Increase Calorie Intake Amount.

Adding 500 calories to your diet list that calories you need to take daily will even fill the bill.

500 calorie intake is not a difficult amount.

Eat your regular food and in addition, add the snack from these high calorie foods, which may be nuts or chocolate.

With the help of the internet you can search for high-calorie foods, add your favorite foods to your daily meals and gain weight in a short time.

You Can Gain Weight With Fruit Juices.

Those who want to gain weight should add soda to their meals if they don’t have stomach problems.

Only a few sodas means a few hundred calories.

If you say you do not like soda, fruit juices will also fill the bill, because of high amount of sugar that fruit juices contain that means high amount of calorie and healthy way to gain weight.

On a daily basis, drinking orange juice, lemonade, or vegetable and fruit juices you can get from fruit press and drinking them at snacks will help you to gain weight in a small amount of time.

Eat at Late Hours.

Dietitians reports to people who wants to lose weight, eating after 7 pm will make you gain weight.

Those who want to gain weight should take this warning into consideration and leave their evening meals to late hours, because the amount of calories burned is low when we are in a sleeping position at night. Foods that you are ate in late hours will back to you in kilos.

If you do not have blood pressure or any other health problems, you can eat high carbohydrate foods such as pasta with cheese, rice pudding, and meat with rice in late hours.

Consume Protein Rich Foods

If you really want to gain weight, increase the amount of protein you have. Prefer proteins with high calories. Proteins such as milk, cheese, bread, pasta are high calorie and high protein foods.
The food list, which is high in protein and can be found in every kitchen, is as follows:


Peanut butter

Fish and poultry

Beans, lentils and other pulses

Cereals such as bread and pasta


Eat Fatty Foods

Those who want to lose weight, avoids fatty foods we recommend to those who want to gain weight, on the contrary, increase the proportion of olive oil and butter in your meals in a way that is both healthy and quick to lose weight.

1 cup olive oil contains 1920 calories, if you do not like it in your main meal, you can add it to your salad or you can put it in your olive plate and dip it.
Continue to Eating High Calorie Snakcs.

Take at least 3 main meals per day and 2 snacks per day.

These snacks are made up of peanut butter on bread, milky sweeties, full-fat cheese breads, dried nuts, and healthy foods that will gain weight quickly as you eat your snacks.

Healthy, unhealthy, do not matter, if you say you have to gain weight quickly with hamburger, pizza, pastry, you will gain weight rapidly.

A thin slice of pizza contains 300 calories, which is a very high amount.

Drink Milk

If you like milk, a large glass of chocolate milk will bring you high calories.

Not only milk, but milkshakes, especially those with fruites, contain high calories.

During day whenever you want, you can quickly gain weight by consuming them.

Eat Peanut or Peanut Butter

Peanut and peanut butter are a great choice for weight gain, especially desserts which containing high amount of peanut nuts will provide high calorie.

Eat a few spoonfuls a day, which you can find at the end of the month, you may find yourself even more weight than you want. 🙂

Eat Ice Cream 2 Times a Week

What a lovely recommendation isn’t it? :), this recommend delicious and contains high calorie. 🙂

Nutritious substances such as sugar, fruit, milk in the ice cream is a food which healthy and contains high energy.

This is our proposal, it will appeal to both your taste buds and you will gain weight quickly.

Your Breakfast Should Occur with 2 Meals

Instead of a breakfast, make two breakfast. Make your first breakfast at 7 in the morning and make the second at 10.

Eating a meal every three hours means giving you extra calories.

This will give you a healthy weight gain.

You Should Have Large Portions

If you want to gain weight, increase the portion size.

When everyone puts a little meal on a small plate, your plate should be big and you should eat more, then the point to be noticed here is to not keep eating after you are full, eating after you feel full there will be great destruction in organs, instead fill your stomach with high calorie foods and your serving plate.

Go Towards with Carbohydrate Foods

Foods with high carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, pastry, butter, cream cheese, are the enemies of those who want to lose weight, and friends to who wants to gain weight.

If you want to gain weight quickly, consume plenty of these carbohydrate foods, you will also fulfill dreams the people which wants to lose weight but can’t. 🙂

Eat Fruit and Vegetable

Eating fruits like cherry, pear, orange, banana which contains high calorie rates during the day, will make you gain weight in a short time and in a healthy manner.

Most of the fruits has high in sugar in it, especially cocktail fruit juices contains high vitamins, energy and calories.

When you feel thirsty, drinking theese juices instead of water will make you gain weight in a short time.

Go to a Dietician

You have tried many remedies, but if you can not gain weight, go to the dietitian and investigate the biological cause underlying this condition.

Hormonal causes, body invasion of the parasites, irritability are the main reasons for the weakness.

If you have been diagnosed with the disease and you are in treatment, you will soon begin to gain weight.

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