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This Diet List Who Using by Famous Models

Target : 3 kilos per week.

Daily calories : 1400 calories.

If you admire how models stay so thin, now try this diet widely used by them.

1st Day.

Breakfast : Dried fruit, oatmeal and some milk.

Lunch : Lentil soup, oathmeal cake, salad with plenty of lemon.

Dinner : Low fat, saltless dish made with mixed vegetables and some rice.

2nd Day.

Breakfast : Plenty of fresh fruit and salad.

Lunch : Prepare yourself a meal from fresh vegetables that you choose by putting small amount of oil.

Dinner : Meatless variety, red lentil or rice soup.

3rd Day.

Breakfast : Honey porridge.

Lunch : This time prepare yourself a meal by shallow frying vegetables. You can eat some yoghurt with it.

Dinner : Boiled vegetable and fat-free baked potatoes in the oven. You can eat as much fruit as you want.

4th Day.

Breakfast : Lean toast with honey.

Lunch : Lentil or vegetable soup.

Dinner : Fried after dried vegetables and soy sauce. (You can also prepare another type of lean sauce)

5th Day.

Breakfast : Big bowl of sliced melon and molasses.

Lunch : Boiled corn salad and soup.

Dinner : You can eat stuffing with yoghurt.

6th Day.

Breakfast : One single fruit.

Lunch : Pasta with tomato sauce.

Dinner : Rice and vegetable kebab.

7th Day.

Breakfast : Honey oatmeal and milk.

Lunch : Vegetable soup, salad, one slice wholemeal bread and corn.

Dinner : Lean pasta with sauce, you can add a little superheated oil.

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