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How to do American Diet?

As you can understand from the name American diet is originally is popular in America but it has become a kind of diet applied in our country too. It should also be remembered that this diet should be applied every 3 days of the week. Even if you do that diet orderly you can get a chance to lose like 4.5 kilograms within a week which will make you smile. Let’s also underline that the amount of calories that a person who is going to apply American Diet can get maximum daily amount is 1500 calories

How to do American Diet?

We have already writed up an article on the weight watchers diet, which is another dietary type based on the American origin score system. Weight watchers diet also known as American Diet but theese two diets totally different. Let’s continue to give information about American diet after fix this confusion. Perhaps the people which gonna try first time this diet list in our country naturally want to get a full idea about the diet takes place. The most important difference of this diet, which has been applied recently in America, it will be applied 3 times a week and 3 days a week. With that You will not be faced with a difficulty that you will not want to do because you won’t apply it everyday. Moreover, it is also worth mentioning that naturally occurring food groups are included in the diet, without any medicines or mixtures. Anyone who wants can apply American Diet list 3 days of a week with inner peace. While you are on a diet three days a week, you can continue to eat normally on the other days of the week without exaggerate. It is now becoming an important issue when it comes to losing weight, both men and women. Especially those who are considering to apply diet, naturally they can be in thought about how to lose weight naturally. If you have applied American Diet, you will enjoy of the thinning more and more every day. We can specify the list for those who will apply the American Diet List to comply with orderly:

3-Day American Diet List

1st Day

Breakfast : One cup of coffee or tea, one slice of toast

Lunch : One bowl of fresh green beans, half bowl of tuna, one bowl of ice cream can be eaten.

Snack between lunch and dinner : One bowl carrot or grated apple can be eaten.

Dinner : 100 gram meat, one slice wholemeal bread or brown bread, one glass of grapefruit juice or half of a grapefruit, you can also drink tea or coffee.

2nd Day

Breakfast : One bowl of melted cheese, two pieces of veal that you can eat additional supplement for breakfast.

Lunch : 8 salted crackers, one bowl of broccoli or boiled cabbage(can be roasting but lean).

Snack between lunch and dinner : Half bowl of carrot or half banana.

Dinner : Tuna fish, one egg and tea or coffe whichever you can drink.

3rd Day

Breakfast : One boiled egg, 5 salted crackers.

Lunch : One slice of toast, 30 grams cheddar cheese.

Snack between lunch and dinner : One apple.

Dinner : One bowl of tuna fish, tea or coffee.

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