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Madonna Diet

*At sexy singer Madonna diet, weight given to the fruit juice which allows you to lose 4 kilos within a week. First two days Madonna only consuming fruit juice, this two day set aside to detoxify her body.

*3rd day : At breakfast; Fruit tea, one boiled egg, cucumber, tomato, two slice cheese and one slice bread. At lunch break, a salad with plenty of lemon and greens. At dinner, there is boiled broccoli and one serving of grilled chicken in the menu.

*4th day: Today Madonna combining lunch meal with previous days dinner and also today she consumed sauteed mushrooms in evening meal.

*5th day : Today she is orderly and faithfully follows breakfast and lunch also she consumes grilled fish and boiled broccoli at dinner.

*At 6th day breakfast she reward herself by making changes, today additionally she eats feta cheese and drinks fruit juice. At lunch, she ate a salad with plenty of lemon and greens. At dinner she consumed grilled chicken and one plate of boiled zucchini.

*7th day : Today again she consumes two slice cheese, one boiled egg, fruit tea, tomato and cucumber at breakfast and lunch. In dinner menu she gives place to grilled fish and boiled brussels sprouts.

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