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Loss kilos with yogurt diet

Yoghurt is one of the best product for the intestines. It is also good for the constipation.

100 gr yoghurt is only 58 calories. It helps you to lose kilo with low calorie and feelling of fill. In this diet there is no menu. This diet offers you to what you can eat in a day. In the day you can only feed yourself with those products. You shouldn’t start without asking doctors.

1st day:

5 boiled potatoes, 6 cup of water yoghurt.

2nd day:

200 gr boiled chicken, 6 cup of water yoghurt.

3rd day:

200 gr boiled veal, 6 cup of water yoghurt.

4th day:

200 gr fish, 6 cup of water yoghurt.

5th day:

Except grape and banana, until you full vegetable and fruit, 6 cup of water yoghurt.
(Don’t consume the fruits with the yoghurts. You should eat it with separate times.)

6th day:

1 kg yoghurt.

7th day:

1 kg yoghurt.

For the whole diet as a breakfast yoghurt, as a lunch and dinner consuming meat and potato recommended.

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