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Dietsbasket Special List

All of us want to lose kilo as soon as possible; however, it might not be easy. If you are preparing to go a vacation in summer, this diet is for you. You have a chance to lose a few kilos in almost 3 days. You have to do only a few things.

Stay loyal to the diet.

Drink at least 2L water.

Do some exercises to make the diet beneficial and useful.

Breakfast: Try to make the breakfast after an hour when you wake up.

1 slice whole-wheat bread, thin slice light cheese, pepper, tomato, cucumber.

Snack: 1 tea spoon cinnamon and 1 bowl yoghurt which prepared by 1 spoon whole-wheat

Lunch:  1 portion green vegetabel (boiled), half slice whole-wheat bread, green salad ( with lemon).

Snack: 1 portion fruit and 3 pieces fibrous biscuit.

Dinner:  1 portion green vegetable, half slice whole-wheat bread, green salad ( with lemon and oliveoil)

Before sleep: 1 portion fruit.

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