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Tomato Diet

You should do this diet for a month. To do this diet again you should wait 1 month. After that you can do it again. If you have stomach problems before you start you should in contach with your doctor. Prof. Dr. İbrahim Saraçoğlu talks about this diet for the become thin in navel region. Some benefits of diet is ;

It makes the comfortable digestive system.

It prevents constipation.

It makes the skin much healthier.

Morning: 1 slice rye bread (tomatoes) little white cheese, lettuce, 1 boiled egg, with slice slice tomatoes. If you want you can add salt, basil and red pepper.

Snack: 3 pieces dried apricots, mix of tomato juice and fruit juice

Lunch: You should mix all of it in a bowl; lettuce (some leafs), fennel (small one), walnut, brynza (tulum cheese). And then you will add 100 gr. Sliced tomatoes. After that, 1 dessert spoon olive oil, 2 spoon vinegar will be added, when you mix all of it, it is ready to eat.

Snack: Peach (1 middle size), mix of fruit juice and tomato juice.

Dinner: Pasta ( prepared with tomato sauce + 50 gr. White cheese) Then you will add onion and garlic with thin slices. Olive oil (1 dessert spoon) will be added into the 3 dried tomatoes slices. After that it can be sweeten with the thyme to saute. When you finish all of those, 1 cup of vegetable juices added into the materials. Then, you should cook it for 10 minutes. It can be consumed with the mixing pasta.

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