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Onion Soup Diet

Recipe of Onion Soup is:

Onion (5-6 pieces)
2 kind from season vegetables
Dry mint
Meat bullion

Into the 2L waters except spices all materials will bake until the materials get soft. After that you will add the spices. Then you will bake 15 more minutes. When you finish those steps it is ready to serve. You should apply this diet only 5 days. When you do it, you have a chance to lose 3-4 kilos. Onion is the natural antioxidant. This product is extremely beneficial and this products’ diet to lose kilos is a good way to make it. If you are complaining about physical and mental prostration you can prefer this diet. Its also recommended for the indigestion because this diet makes the indigestion easier.

Before breakfast: 1 cup of lemon and honeyed warm water.

Breakfast: Cheese, tomato, olive, cucumber.

Snack: 1 fruit, 1 bowl onion soup.

Lunch: 1 slice whole wheat bread, 1 bowl onion soup.

Snack: 1 bowl onion soup, 1 cucumber or carrot.

2nd Snack: 1 bowl apple compote, 3 pieces oat biscuit.

Dinner: 1 slice quince, 1 bowl onion soup, dried fruits: 1 palm hazelnut, peanut, roasted chickpea.

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