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Vegan Diet

You should apply this diet for 22 days. Hollywood stars are using this diet such as Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, Beyonce etc. The purpose of this diet is to stop the consumption of animal nourishment. In this diet, you can get maximum 1400 calori. Its the daily boundry.When you do those rules, you will notice that you are losing those kilos. You should prevent drinks and foods which inlude sugar and carbohyrdrate.

Breakfast: Fruit soy milk, cereal, 1 slice whole-wheat bread, jam or hazelnut.

Lunch: Sandwich which made by whole-wheat bread, chickpea or rice salad.

Dinner: 1 portion cereals which prepared by the legumes, rice or pasta dinner, salad, fruit.

Snack: Fresh or dry fruits, raw vegetable.

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  1. Thank you! What part of Canada are you living in? Cultural differences definitely play a pretty big role in all of this. I’m always interested to discover new difenrefces, and even though I wish it were easier at times, it’s the cultural differences that make living in another country worth the struggle!

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