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How can you loss Five kilos within a month doing holiday diet?

With this diet is it possible making vacation while you are losing kilos? We know that most of people have a problem with their kilos. With this diet you have a chance to lose 5-8 kilos in a month. If you will do some exercises which makes this process effective. Otherwise, when you lose those kilos your body may have a chance to lose its shape. Consumption of grate vegetable, meat, chicken and fish have a huge importance. Also, reducing the consumption of bread is important. You should avoid the drinks which include caffeine and acid. Insted of those drinks you should prefer fruit juice or mineral water. Sleep pattern is important. That is why you should sleep at least 8 hours. If you can’t do your exercise at home, you should walk at least 20 minutes.

1st day:

When you start the day, you should add 1 tea spoon honey into the 1 cup of marrow water.

Morning: 1 boiled egg, 5-6 piece olive 3 piece walnut, plenty parsley, 2 slice half oil cheese and 1 slice wholemeal bread.

Lunch: 1 middle boy season fruit, a little bit larger than half portion vegetable food with 1 cup yoghurt.

Dinner: 2 piece middle boy grilled sea cupra, plenty apple vinegar salad which should be unsalted and lean.

You should consume less in dinner but to get full you can consume the fish as you want.

2nd day:

Morning: 1 slice bran bread, 1 cup of water skimmed milk, 5 piece raw nuts, 7-8 green olive, 2 slice half defatted white cheese and 1 boiled egg. If you don’t want to consume milk you can consume freshly squeezed orange juice.

Lunch: 2 slice grid chicken, 1 cup of water ayran, plenty apple vinegar salad with leafs which should be unsalted and lean, to increase the consumption of water 3-4 pickle (should be organic or homemade).

Dinner: 1 portion wholemeal tunafish pasta, 5-6 boiled broccoli, 1 bowl without sauce yoghurt soup (Yayla çorbası) and 1 slice bran bread.

When you continue with this diet at the end of the week you will lose 2 kilos. You can apply this diet whenever you want.

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