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How to do health sport in winter?

First, instead of seeing sport as a activity of losing weight do not forget that you need make a regular activity for healthy life.

*If you don’t have any sport history in the past, get a proper help from a proffessional teacher before srating sport. If you have an illness that had previously share it with your sport teacher and make sure you that your sport teacher creates a program that includes appropriate exercises.

*During exercises drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration of the body. If you’re doing one hour intense exercise you have to drink at least 1 liters of water.

* Never do sports on an empty stomach. Before starting sport feed yourself with mainly carbonhydrate based foods and after sports feed yourself with protein based light foods.

*If you fed senseless while doing sport you will lose your weights from your muscles not from your fats.

*Nutritional supplements like protein dusts and hormon medicinies that you are taking to have quick results will cause harm to your hearth health in long terms, its proven by scientific work. Stay away from thoose nutritional supplements.


*Before starting your exercise do some stretching movements to heat your body at least 15 minutes. With that you will minize the injury risk.

*Configure adjustable parameters such as sitting platforms, height, distance at your fitness machine to set in the most appropriate way to your own body measurements.

*Be sure that your neck stays constant in neutral position and your feet on the ground with supporting your back while doing weight exercises.

*Do not burden overweight to your body more than it can lift to get quick results. Most importantly do not compare yourself with other who sports. Do not be embrassed exercise with light weights when you started to sports in the first period. Everyone has a unique body structure and the biorhythm.

*Finish your exercise with light cardio and muscle screcthing to not experience muscle cramping.

* Take yourself a cool-down period before going out to cold. Tight dress, and especially to protect your neck.

*Do not attend to the group is made with resistant bike course or advanced pilates groups which that require high performance before adapting your muscles to sport.

*Set your sport frequency every other day even its varies according to your purpose. With that you will leave a day resting and regeneration time to your muscles.

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