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5 movements that compress your muscles

You can get your tight rear arm muscles with 5 study of movement.

If you did not strengthen your rear arms by doing sport and exercise that may cause sagging problems with gravity and aging at your rear arms. Its possible to get rid of sagging which is almost a nightmare for women and men by practical and easy to apply 5 separate movements.

According to Herbalife sport advisor Ebru Karaduman you can have tight arms with exercises anywhere you can. You can strenghten your triceps muscles with 5 handy series of movements prepared by Ebru Karaduman.


Herbalife sport advisor Ebru Karaduman’s 5 arm movement proposal which you can apply easily:

Rear arm workout 1

Sit middle of the pilates ball or a chair. Hold a dumbbell with one of your hand, push your dumbbell holder hand to back of your head with 90 degrees from your elbow and support your arm with other hand. In this position use your arm only from elbow to hand and pull dumbbell upside after that straighten your arm. Do that for your both arms with 12×2 sets.

Rear arm workout 2

Sit to a straight elevation like park bench or chair, grasp your sitting place from side of your hip with your hands. Place your feet a step forward while your knees are bent. Close your hips to the ground by bending your arms at the elbow. Push yourself to starting position while breathing out. Repeat that with 12×2 sets.

Rear arm workout 3

Arms and legs out of the mat in such a way, open your hands and put them on the ground and get push-up position. Bring your chest to the ground by bending your elbows. Push ground with your hands by straighten your arms and get back to starting position. Repeat that with 12×2 sets.

Rear arm workout 4

Take dumbbells with your both hands, hold straight your arms next to your hips. Push your arms to backside in a straight way while palms looking back. Your elbows must be straight while doing that action. You should breath out every time while you pushing your arms to back. Repeat that with 12×2 sets.

Rear arm workout 5

Stand upright and open your feets in shoulder width. Hold the dumbbells close at top of your head with palms facing eachother. Lower weights to behind of your head by bending your arm without moving your elbows. While breathing out push up the weights with keeping your elbows straight. Do that for your both arms with 12×2 sets.

Note: If you don’t have dumbbell you can use water bottles instead of dumbbell.

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