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Some exercise for Office Workers

People who has desk job should paying attention at theese;

Postural awareness is a very important. Whoever has desk job should kept their head and body upright during the day.

To make posture straight its important to completely discharging of the feet is very important. While lifting feets from the ground there will be more pressure into your waist.

You must gain strength from your waist and hip while leaning forward and should avoid head and fast movements.

On occasions you should stand up and walk and change sitting position every half hour during the day.

Pay attention to consuming liquid.


Exercises can be done by desk workers.

For your fingers:

Open your fingers as much as you can wait 10 seconds than loosen your hands. Repeat this exercise several times.

Nest your fingers and push your palms forward in shoulder level. Stay in this position like 15 seconds.

For your neck:

Bring your neck to your right side than your left side when you feel strain bring your neck close to your shoulder.Stay 10 seconds in this position.

Try to tilt your head to the right and left like trying touch your ears to your shoulders, stay 10 seconds in both right and left position.

For your shoulders and chest:

While sitting straight interlock your hands behind the chair and flex backwards.

For your neck and back:

Tilt your chin closer to your chest.

Lean forward from your hip and provide straining your body. Keep this action like 15 seconds.

Lean your body to ground and strain with gaining strength from your hips. Repeat this exercise like 15 seconds.(It is not recommended for who has back problems)
For your waist and back:

Slide your hips toward the front of the chair and push back your waist pit.

For your thigh:

Put your left foot over your right knee like cross-legged and push to your left knee gently with your left hand. Do that action for like 15 seconds and change legs and repeat.

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