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Wrong things done to gain weight

We always think that gainig weight is more easy than losing weight. Actually despite our thinking its way more harder to gain weight compare to losing weight. At this point its important to be determined and patient, be sure its not that easy.

The first answer to ‘’what should we do for gain weight and losing weight’ question at DietsBasket.com which UK’s first online diet and exercise platform, ‘’be open to change habits’’. Because weight change can only can be available with change of habits. For example if you are trying to get weight in a single meal, it will be impossible to achieve your purpose because this is not the proper and healthy way. At this point you’ll have to change your current order and you need to adopt healthy eating habits.

Many of Dietician, points out that consulting the doctor before applying gain weight diet : ‘’You have to understand if you have any health issues before starting the diet with consulting the doctor. For example, digestive system disorders, hormonal disorders such as hyperthyroidism, which causes rapid metabolism works, intestinal parasites and apsorption disorders, theese problems comes to mind first. On the other hand, fear of weight gain and associated conditions such as poor appetite with psychological disorders will prevent weight gain even if you are getting enough calories’’.


8 Wrong Thing While Trying to Gain Weight

1.Skipping meals.

Skipping main meals and not having snack is the one of the biggest wrong thing while you trying to gain weight. If you want to gain weight to boost your hunger you have to take your main meals and snacks.

2.Consuming liquid with meals.

Drinking liquid before starting meal or during the meal will fill your stomach which is already has small volume and that situation causes you to eat less during the meal. Because of that you should drink your liquid after your meal finishes.

3.Very slowly eat.

After you start your meal in 15 or 20 minutes a feeling of fullness occurs. When you eat very slowly, you will take less calorie than normaly should take while feeling of fullness occurs

4.Starting meal with soup.

Filling your stomach with soup, will cause you to feel full more early. At this situation it will be more harder to eat your main food which has more calorie.

5.Finishing salad while starting the meal

If you are aiming to gain weight instead of lose weight, you should leave your salad after eating your main food. With this way you can take more calorie and extend your stomachs volume also in later times you can consume more food. It will allow you to take more calories if you use different types of sauces in your salad.

6.Consume large volume and low calorie meals

Instead you can choose foods which added healthy sauces or 2 food groups combined with increased calorie meals. For example you can take more calorie with choosing pasta with cheese or mince in your meals.

7.Consume a lot of fatty foods

It will be not appropriate to consume grilled foods or foods with a high fat content for gain weight. Oils will makes you feel full because they will stay longer in your stomach. Because of this you should not choose roasted, grilled steamed foods.,

8.Eating ony fruits in snacks.

Even fruits has high amount fiber and causes swelling in the stomach, for gain weight you should prefer snacks with more calorie at the same volume. For example you can add walnut to top of your pumpking dessert and add coconut, nuts, and almonds to your dairy desserts. You can prepare at home walnut cake and 1 cup freshly squeezed juice will also be a good snack alternative.

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