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How to do Cabbage Diet? What are the Benefits?

Cabbage diet with the recommended diet to lose weight through healthy, today we introduce this kind of diet to lose your extra weight. With cabbage diet you can get rid of your extra weights that recommended by experts and used by many famous name. Cabbage is very healthy and one of the most important food in our diet which you can choose to lose weight among other healthy foods. With cabbage diet that you are gonna apply, you can be sure that your body health will be protected and be secured from many other illness while losing weight. Because of it contains low calorie levels its not recommended to use this diet in long terms. Applying diet individuals must be people who don’t have health problems. With that diet you are gonna apply,you will see in first week you will have chance lose like 4-5 kilograms.


Cabbage Diet Benefits

Cabbage diet is very healthy because of cabbage soup that you’ll drink frequently during the diet. As we know, cabbage destroy cellulite occurring in the human body and the a food that we can choose to lose weight. Cabbage must be consumed by people who have problems in their intestines and people who are faced with bowel cancer because of its therapeutic effect. Patients with goiter which is a disease that absolutely the opposite with bowel cancer, must be careful not to apply this diet. In cabbage diet list you will consume cabbage and especially the cabbage soup lowers blood sugar but rather provides particularly high antioxidant balance and is quite effective. Our doctors offers cabbage diet to their patients who undergoing with radiotherapy and chemical teathment because cabbage has many features and very effective to strenghts the body against body enfections and correcting hormones. You will see the flourish of your skin, losing your extra weights slowly and you will feel more vigorous and relieved of your gut with cabbage diet.


How to Apply Cabbage Diet?

Additional foods will make you lose weight because of their low calorie rates during diet while you consuming cabbage juice and cabbage soup often. It is not recommended applying cabbage diet more than a week. Remove the water out from your fresh cabbage leaves in mixer or fruit juicer and after your meals drink one glass of it. Cabbage juice will destroy inflammations in your large bowel and small intestine and also will make you lose weight. If you scared of gassing because of eating cabbage during the diet, drinking a glass of water with one tea spoon linseed and that will prevent the gassing. You must drink plenty of water during the diet with your prepared cabbage juice. You must follow the diet list at below orderly and you can have your cabbage soup whenever you want. Follow the diet for only 7 days because its not suitable for long term use.

Cabbage Soup Recipe

The most hard part of this diet is first two days. Do not distrupt your morale you will start to lose weight after theese days. And there is the cabbage soup recipe that you are gonna eat mainly in this diet:

Ingredients : 6 big onion, 1 middle seize cabbage, 1-2 canned tomato, 2 green pepper, 1 bunch of parsley.

Preparation of soup : Cut all the vegetables in to small pieces and put them into cooker. Fill the cooker with water till water reaches top of the vegetables. You can put salt, pepper and also bouillon tablet. After boil it with high heat around 10 minutes, cook it in oven till vegetables soften. You can put blender in cooker and pass through all the stuff to make it more soup.

Cabbage Soup Diet List / 7 Day Program.

1st Day.

Soup and Fruit Day : As you know during the cabbage diet you can drink as much cabbage soup as you want. During the day you can eat any fruit except banana but do not forget that watermelon and melon contains more calorie compare to other fruits. You can drink plenty of water, tea without milk and coffee.

2nd Day.

Soup and Fruit Day : You can eat vegetables especially grean leafy ones exept your cabbage soup. Today do not eat haricot bean, pea and corn. Take a privilege in the evening meal and eat fried in the oven with butter or boiled potatoes. Do not eat fruit today. Drink plenty of water and tea or coffee without milk.

3rd Day.

Soup, Fruit and Vegetable Day : Today you can eat as many fruit and vegetable as you want exept soup. You can drink plenty of water and tea or coffee without milk. If you applied the diet orderly till 3rd day, up to this time according to your current weight you must be lose like 2.5 or 3 kilograms.

4th Day.

Soup, Fruit and Vegetable Day : Forbidden banana at 1st day is now available besides you can drink as much lean milk as you want with your soup. With banana and milk you will have to meet the needs of carbohydrates in the body. You can eat as many fruit and vegetables as you want with your soup which provides your bodys potassium, protein, calcium, carbonhydrate and sweet needs. Today you can eat only 3 bananas.

5th Day.

Meat, Tomato and Soup Day : Today you have meat and tomato in your diet. You can eat 4 piece of beef like 300 or 500 grams at total and unlimited tomato. Today clean uric acid from your body with drinking 6 or 7 glass of water. You can have unlimited soup everyday but not today, you can drink cabbage soup only one time today. You can drink plenty of water, tea and coffee without milk and sugar.

6th Day.

Meat, Green Leafy Vegetable and Soup Day : You can eat 2-3 piece of meat and unlimited vegetables. Today you wont eat potato and you will drink cabbage soup at least one time. You can drink tea and coffee without sugar and milk.

7th Day.

Wholemeal Rice, Fruit Juice, Vegetable and Soup Day : Today you can eat wholemeal rice, fruit juice and as many vegetable as you want. You can eat your rice with mixing up with your soup or vegetable. You can drink plenty of water, tea and coffee without sugar and milk.

As you know you can give serious weights with cabbage soup diet which has low calorie After you back to your normal nourishment, do not forget if you don’t pay attention to your noursihment you can take back your weights back!

You should not put any alcohol into your mouth during the cabbage soup diet which you can lose many weights with eating many cabbage and consume cabbage soup. You can have a little difficulty in the first days but after you will be adapted from the second day, you should eat foods mentioned in the specified days. At meat days do not neglect eating meat because you have to fulfill your bodys protein needs. You can have healthy body with cabbage diet while losing your extra weights.

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