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Miranda Kerr’s keep-fit secrets

World famous model Miranda Kerr, she inspires us with the perfect body line. Of course she has her own unique stay in shape and nutrition secrets like other many famous. Miranda Kerr, owes its smooth body lines of this diet and fitness routine work.


Question from Pudra.com : How’s your exercise routine? How did you put your body in form again after the birth?

Answer from Miranda Kerr : My exercise routine is same all over year. Everyday even for  only 20 minutes i try to do some active stuff thus i can stay in shape and active, besides i like the mix up pilates, ballet, resistance trainings.Yoga is in my wellness routine, doing practice and taking deep breath helps me alot and gives me strenght also works for flexibility. Finally i like to go for a walk in the fresh air with my son.

Question from Pudra.com : How do you protect your form?

Answer from Miranda Kerr : I owe this to dry brushing operation which im doing every morning for revive my body. That process helps to improve blood circulation. For my beauty care i like the massage, i prefer head, leg, foot or back massage. Usually i prefer proffessional masseurs but if one of my friend offers me to make a foot massage i won’t refuse it.

Question from Pudra.com : What kind of diet offers can you give us? What do you eat most for example?

Answer from Miranda Kerr : I like avocade because it contains good fats, you can use it for your face and hairs also you can eat it. My three favorite foods are; chocolate covered goji fruits, prepared with coconut oil homemade sweet fried potatoes and triple cream goat cheese. When i was 12 years old i met with noni juice, im using it since when. I drink it two times in a day, it helps alot from controling cholesterol to digestion. Cold and pressed green fruit juices increases my energy. Finally every morning im drinking a glass of hot water that im putting half lemon inside of the cup.

Question from Pudra.com : Do you like cook when you are not working?

Answer from Miranda Kerr : Yes! One of my favorite cook, organic chicken breast prepared with lemon, garlic and turmeric or grilled salmon prepared with spinach, green olive oil and avocado salad.

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