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In 7 days slim a body size with lemon diet

Monday is the day for running your digestive system.The most important task for this day from the moment you wake up, you must drink lemonade as much as you can because as like water, lemon is very useful to work your digestive system and get rid of toxins from your body. Also lemonade is a natural appetite suppressant.

After wake up out of bed, mix freshly squeezed lemon juice and hot water and drink it. For the rest of the day focus on your thirstiness.Whereever you go, bringing a bottle of water will cause you to drink more water. At meals and when you’re out drinking plenty of water will supress your hunger a little bit.


The Menu of Monday.

After wake up out of bed drink lemon juice and hot water.
A bowl of fruid salad, yoghurt and oat will be enough for the breakfast.

For brunch eat 8 piece of raw almond also do not forget to drink juice diluted with water.

For lunch, homemade vegetable soup and a sandwich made of wheat bread will be enough.

Snack between lunch and dinner
Before dinner against the possibility of your hunger you can eat a slice of oatmeal cake or cookie, a few cherry tomatoes and a tablespoon of cottage cheese.

At dinner you can eat grilled fish or chicken. You can mix a tablespoon of olive oil, lemon juice and garlic to make sauce for your grilled fish or chicken. With leafy vegetables make yourself a good salad and if you wish eat it with your chicken or fish. Until going bed do not forget to drink lemon juice and hot water.

Tuesday is the Fat Burning Day.

Today’s task gaining power from C vitamin to burn our fat. Vitamin C is very efficient when subject is burning fat and loosing weight and look at this we can usually found Vitamin C at low calorie friut and vegetables.

In the day with lemon juice you constatly drinking, you must consume at least five portion of vegetable and fruit in a day. To reach your destination mix all the fruits and reserve them as five portion and mix them with yoghurt or consume them as frozen. For between main meals you can consume thoose when you feel hungry.

The Menu of Tuesday.

After wake up out of bed do not neglect drinking lemon juice and hot water.

At breakfast, you have to consume boiled egg, two slice of wheat bread, a toast made by butter and a tomato, one apple and with theese you have to drink soy or organic milk.

For brunch, we should eat a mix of dried apricots, a few raw peanut and lemon, apple and water. We have to mix theese ingredients into in a blender and shred them.

For lunch we should boil broad bean, pea, beans and mix them with green pepper and tomato also decorate it with lemon juice and we do ourselves a delicious salad. With this meal we should eat a kiwi, wheat bread and green salad together.

Snack between lunch and dinner
If you are feeling hungry do not neglect to eat oatmeal bread, cottage cheese, tomato and a fruit that contains Vitamin C.

At dinner we should cook lean rice with vegetables which contains tomato, pea, patato and raisin.To fulfill our dessert need we should grill a banana and pour chocolate that we melted.

Today’s task organize your blood sugar with help of vinegar and lemon.To keep under control your blood sugar also you have to take protein and you should not skip the breakfast.

The Menu of Wednesday.

After woke up out of bed drink hot water and lemon juice.

At breakfast, dischard oat and milk to a bowl.You could add strawberry, raisin, almond, dried apricots in to the bowl to make it more sweeten.

At brunch, eat fruic salad that you squeezed lemon over it and drink organic milk or soy milk with it.

At lunch, eat a salad which contains beans in it also eat a slice of wheat bread with butter over it and yoghurt.

Snack between dinner and lunch
Before dinner if you feel hungry eat a handful sunflower seeds and small cluster of grapes.

At dinner eat a somon fish that cooked with vegetables in oven also squeeze lemon over it.For dessert you could eat a small chocolate ice cream ball.

Today’s task, consume less sugar than you normally consuming.While eating sugar your insulin rate will increase within your body and that will cause you to want more foods like chocolate and cake.If you suddenly want to eat someting sugary before eating a cake, try to eat cake baked with wholemeal flour or fruit yoghurt mixed with oat.

The Menu of Thursday.
After woke up out of bed drink hot water and lemon juice as always.

At breakfast drink the mix maked with two banana, organic milk, light frozen yoghurt.You can eat a brown bread toast beside this mix.

For brunch prefer small amount of nuts and raisin.

At lunch, make yourself a potato and cheese salad and eat it. After this meal you should eat a pear.

Snack between dinner and lunch
Before dinner you can try to eat raw vegatables by dipping to a sauce that maked with pea, lemon and garlic.

At dinner, you should eat boiled rice, a big portion of boiled vegetables, cherry tomato and cheese.For dessert eat baked apple that mapple syrup and cinnamon all over it.

Today’s task, beneficial fats should be consumed. Ideally a diet should use, consuming %20 -25 good fats idea. With eating hazelnut, walnut, walnut oil and oily fish you can close the ranks.

The Menu of Friday.

After woke up out of bed squeeze a lemon into a glass of hot water and drink it.

At breakfast you should eat a well boiled egg, a tomato and a slice of bread.A handful raisin will make you feel more full.

A handful of hazelnut and soy milk will be ideal for brunch.

At lunch, put salmon and cucumber into a toast bread and eat it.Also do not forget eating yoghurt.

Snack between lunch and dinner
Before dinner, put tuna and corn to over your boiled pasta with that you will have a very tasty meal.For dessert you should eat fruit puree or dry fruit.

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